Android Pie for LG V30 and V30S ThinQ : Release and Features

The V30 and V30S ThinQ flagships from LG launched in August 2017 and February 2018 respectively. The V30 flagship came with pre-installed Android 7.1.2 Nougat and later received the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

Android pie lg v30

The V30S ThinQ flagship is similar to its brother in all aspects, but LG integrated AI and more Ram to provide better user experience, the flagship came with pre-installed Android 8.0 Oreo. The next major update for these flagships is Android 9 Pie.

Google launched the alpha version of Android 9 as Developer preview 1 on March 8th. Later, at Google I/O in May 2018, the Search Giant announced the Beta version of Android P, Beta program for partner devices and also preview some of the core features like Digital wellbeing, app slices, adaptive battery etc. Later in June, the third preview arrived, the fourth and fifth previews came in July. Finally, the official version of Android 9 with the codename of Pie, pushed to AOSP on August 6th. Till now Pixel, Pixel 2, Essential Phone devices received the update.

Android pie lg v30s thinq

When will LG V30 and V30S get Android Pie ?

The South Korean tech giant hasn’t announced anything about the Pie update for its devices. However, V30 and V30S ThinQ flagships are in the LG‘s Pie update list, according to some leaks. Because of the Project Treble of Android Oreo, this time LG may take less time to rollout the Pie update. Carriers also preparing to rollout the updates faster, due to Treble.

So most likely, the South Korean tech giant will begin the Android Pie rollout for V30 and V30S ThinQ in late-October or Early-November in the US and South Korea. Full rollout may begin December or early-January 2019. Carriers may begin the rollout of Pie in Q1 of 2019. Confirmed rollout dates of Android Pie for LG V30 and V30S flagships will be revealed soon.

What’s new with Android Pie update ?

Android pie gesture interface

The Android 9 update arrived with many remarkable features like Gesture-based interface, Adaptive Battery, Digital well being, app slices, Wi-Fi RTT, Material Design 2.0 and many more. With the integration of AI, Google tried to provide better user experience in Android Pie.

Android Pie asks the user whether to play music from playlist or not, when the headphone is connected. So user can easily select the source of music instantly after connecting the headphone. Adaptive Battery is another feature using on-machine learning to reduce battery drain upto 30 percent. The feature predicts which apps user going to use in coming hours and start run those apps in background before a few minutes user launch them. The feature analyze user’s behavious in app usage and kill the inactive apps in background and reduce CPU wake-up cycles upto 30%.

Gesture-based interface is another feature which revamps the user experience totally. There is no App Previews button in the navigation bar and the user has to swipe up on the Home button view recent apps. The user can swipe right or left on the Home button to switch between recent apps instantly.

Android p navbar

The navigation bar icons also redesigned in Android Pie. The Back button changed to Chevron shape and Home button to Pill shape. In Android Pie, Back button appears only necessary inside apps. Keyboard icon appears in Navigation bar in the place of Recent apps button while typing, so that user can switch between keyboards instantly. Autorotate button appears in navigation bar while inside apps, user can rotate the screen without reaching for Quick Settings.

Digital Well being

android pie digital wellbeing lg v30

This is one of the features of Android Pie addressed for Smartphone addiction and to promote healthy smartphone usage. The Dashboard is a part of the Digital well being and it shows how much time the user spent on each app, how many time the phone has been unlocked and other minutiae.

Wind Down is another feature which reduce eye strain while using smartphone in night times. It changes the display to appear in black and white theme without colors. App timer is a also feature in Digital wellbeing to reduce time spent on a particular app.

At the moment, Digital wellbeing is only available as a Beta program for Pixel and Pixel 2 users, but the Search giant announced it will come officially in this fall.

Adaptive Battery

android pie adaptive battery lg v30

Google has been trying to solve battery drain problem of android for many years but still some unnecessary drain occurs occassionally. In Android Pie, the search giant tried to fight the problem using AI associated Adaptive battery feature. The feature analyses user’s behaviour, frequently used apps through On-Device Machine learning and makes changes accordingly.

The feature predicts which apps user is going to use in the next few hours and allow only them to run in background and kill remaining apps and unnecessary services. So apps will sync using data connection just before user checks them. So CPU wake-up cycles and thereby battery drain will be reduced concurrently. However, because of killing of background apps, some apps may start slowly, but the feature may get refined more in the next android update.

Shush Gesture

android pie shush lg v30

Android Pie came up with a simple Shush Gesture to keep the device in Do not Disturb mode. When the user puts the device face down, Shush mode gets activated and enables Do not Disturb mode automatically, so that there will be no Notification beeps, pings and also call rings. It helps to reduce smartphone addiction by reducing time spent on checking notifications. So along with Digital Wellbeing, Shush gesture promotes healthy smartphone usage. The Search giant may refine it further in upcoming updates for Android.

Update on 6/4/2019 :

It’s been nearly eight months since the release of the final version of Android Pie and still no sign of rollout for V30 and V30S ThinQ flagships. However, the South Korean tech giant releases a time frame of rollout for these flagships. LG South Korea division annonces that the rollout is going to begin in Q2 of 2019. So within three months, the V30 users will see the update notifications, atleast in South Korea.

As the rollout in the US and Europe begins after one or two months from the initial rollout, most likely in Q3 of 2019, LG may begin the rollout in these regions. So by the time of rollout of Android Pie for V30 series, the final Android Q update may come out.

Update on 5/12/2018 :

Finally, LG has begun the Pie Beta program for G7 ThinQ users which is endemic to South Korea at this moment and rolls out 2 betas. The users in LG’s home country are able download the Pie Beta through the Quick Help app. An user from South Korea uploaded a video showing G7 running on Pie Beta 2, giving a glimpse of the update. The Beta sports Gesture home button, Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness and Digital well being features.

In coming days, the Pie Beta program might be extended to LG V35 and V30 ThinQ flagships, according to some leaks.

Update on 8/1/2019 :

It is almost four months since the release of stable Android 9 Pie update and still no rollout of Pie from LG. The Beta testing for G7 hasn’t completed yet and LG made an announcement that the stable rollout will take place in Q1 of 2019 for G7. As G6, V40 and V35 ThinQ flagships stand next in line, fhey are expected to get the Pie update in Q2 of this year. So it seems that the Pie rollout for V30 and V30S ThinQ may take more time than expected, as LG’s custom UX user interface is really complex and takes lot of time time to redesign and implement of Pie features.


The South Korean tech giant implemented Gesture Interface in its Beta rollout for G7 in South Korea. However, users can revert back to Oreo navigation bar through an option in Settings. The horizontal app switcher looks similar to that on Google Pixel 3 with out any major changes. However, many refinements and changes will take place in upcoming beta and stable release.

We will update this post soon with more details about the Android 9 Pie update for V30 and V30S flagships.

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