Sony Xperia XZ4 : Rumour Roundup and Release

The Japanese tech giant unveiled the Xperia XZ3 flagship at IFA 2018 in August 2018 which is really an exciting flagship, according to reviewers. The rumour mill about the next flagship from Sony is on full spin at the moment. Many leaks from reputed sources about Xperia XZ4 indicate towards not only revamped design but also other major changes.


Sony Xperia XZ4 render, Source : Onleaks

Its very clear from leaked benchmarks that Xperia XZ4 is powered by Snapdragon 855 chipset which is the first 5G capable chipset from Qualcomm. Apart from that the flagship chipset built on 7nm process which offers better battery life and also mind-blowing performance. Some design leaks pointed that Fingerprint sensor will be on side of the device.

When will Xperia XZ4 arrive ?

It appears that Sony decided to follow the 6 month flagship cycle with XZ series too, which was the same case with Xperia Z series previously. The XZ1 came in October 2017, then XZ2 in February at MWC 2018 and recently XZ3 at IFA 2018 in August, 2018.

So most likely the Japanese tech giant will launch the Xperia XZ4 flagship with pre-installed Android 9 Pie operating system at the next Mobile World Congress which is going to take place from 25th to 28th of February, 2019 at Barcelona. The shipping of XZ4 may begin in March 2019 and the price tag of the flagship might be similar or slightly higher to that of XZ3.


Xperia XZ4 leaked render

According to recent leaks from Ice Universe through Twitter and Tech Configurations(YouTube), the next flagship from Sony will feature 6.5 inch display with 21:9 aspect ratio. The length of the display is equal to that of iPhone Xs Max, observing the screen protector. So the flagship will be tall, indeed and the widescreen offers a whole new experience while watching movies and playing games. There is still no confirmation about the display technology, but most probably Sony will OLED panel with FHD+ resolution. Sony may optimize the power consumption of the display to reduce battery drain.

Snapdragon 855 Fusion chipset

Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 855 chipset officially in December 2018 at the Snapdragon event. The flagship mobile platform contains the CPU sporting Eight Kryo 485 cores built on remarkable 7nm process and clocked upto 2.84 Ghz. The leaked benchmarks of XZ4 indicates that Snapdragon 855 is really a powerhouse and beats even iPhone Xs in multi core. The modems X24 and X50 are also built on 7nm process to ensure more power efficiency. The X24 LTE modem is capable of Category 20 download speeds with peak at 2Gbps and Category 13 upload speeds with peak at 318 Mbps on supported LTE networks. The X50 5G modem is exclusively for 5G networks and can reach peak download speeds of 5 Gbps.
xperia xZ4 chipset
Since, Verizon already begins the testing of 5G networks in select regions in the US, commercial rollout is expected to take place in 2019. Because of the built-in dedicated AI processing chil of Snapdragon 855 chipset, the Sony XZ4 flagship will process data much faster and provide better user experience. HDR images and Potrait images will be processed quickly through Image Signal Processor and Hexagon 690.

The Adreno 640 GPU of SD855 is very much improved over its predecessor both in terms of power consumption and performance. The chipset also comes with Quick Charge 4+ support to enhance charging speed and minimize overheating.


Sony brought the XZ3 flagship with 4K HDR video recording and 1080p at 960fps recording supports, which are superior than competitors. The successor of XZ3 also feature the same Camera features, EIS, predictive capture and many awesome AI associated refinements.

Looking at the latest leaks and cases, Xperia XZ4 may sport vertical Triple Camera setup on the rear side. The actual benefit of Triple Camera is yet to be known, but it seems that Xperia XZ4 is going to beat all other 2019 flagships in Camera quality and speed. Sony is going to employ Optical Image Stabilization in XZ4 to improve Picture quality, according to leaks. More details about the Camera of Xperia XZ4 will be revealed in coming days.


Xperia XZ3 Charging pad

Xperia XZ3 Charging pad

The predecessor of XZ4 flagship is powered by 3,330 mAh battery which is beefy, indeed. The XZ2 Premium sports 3,540 mAh battery, but in battery tests and also in real world use, XZ3 is outperforming XZ2 Premium as the Premium flagship sports QHD+ resolution. As XZ4 come with OLED display and FHD+ resolution, Sony may use battery of 3,900 mAh capacity in the flagship.

Albeit, Sony flagships outperform most other flagships in battery life tests, but lag far behind in charging time. The Xperia XZ3 flagship takes nearly 2 hours and 50 mins to go fill completely drained battery. But rivals like Pixel 2, Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X take less than two hours to fullup the battery from zero level. So the Japanese tech giant really needs to adapt new Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ technology in its next flagship and supply necessary quick charge.

Update on 17/11/2018:
The Snapdragon 8150 chipset which is going to power Xperia XZ4 flagship has shown up in Antutu Benchmark, beating all other Android flagships, stands as the top scorer. The chipset scores 362,292 points in the benchmark, which converts upto 20 percent performance improvement than SD845. Previously, the chipset appeared in Geekbench scoring 3281 points in single core and 11,023 points in Multicore. Both single and Multicore scores are higher than SD845 scores. The Snapdragon 8150 chipset is built on TSMC’s 7mm process and offers huge performance improvement and also battery efficient. As Sony will optimize the chipset further to boost performance, Xperia XZ4 benchmark scores might be higher than the above scores.

Update on 30/12/2018 :

According to the TechConfigurations, the upcoming Xperia flagship allegedly coming with the 6.5 inch P-OLED display of 21:9 aspect ratio. The rendered video is uploaded to Youtube by TechConfigurations based on leaked specs. If the flagship really sports such great display, then it would be very handy due to sleek design and also no black bars while watching videos.

Xperia XZ4 render

Source : Tech Configurations, Youtube

Xperia XZ4 leaked render

Source : Tech Configurations, Youtube

The video also notes that the flagship will sport vertically arranged triple Camera design. The flagship is expected to be powered by Snapdragon 855 chipset and 6 or 8GB Ram. As the Xperia XZ4 is scheduled for MWC 2019 launch, official details will be revealed in coming weeks.

Update on 6/3/2019 :


Sony announced Xperia 1 which is the renamed XZ4 at MWC 2019 along with Xperia 10 and 10 Plus midrangers. The pre-orders begin for Xperia 10 and 10 Plus about a week ago. The Xperia 1 flagship is powered by Snapdragon 855 and sports 6GB Ram. As we seen in earlier leaks, the Xperia 1 flagship features 6.5 inch display with 21:9 aspect ratio. The new design of Xperia 1 is receiving good reviews from users and tech reviewers. The triple Camera setup with Dual flash on the rear seems impressive.

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